Why does your motorsport business need a blog?

Nowadays, most businesses within the motorsport industry have a top-quality website. Well-designed and with all the info about your company, you may feel like that’s all you need.

However, while a great look and easy to navigate design is crucial, one thing you might have overlooked is the need for a blog. Here’s why you need one…

Google likes it

If you want your website to appear high up in search results then you need to do all you can to attract the attention of search engines. Google processes over 40,000 queries a second – more than any other search engine provider – so it’s critical to address what they’re looking for. While the algorithms used by Google change frequently (making in-depth SEO tricky to master), we know that Google always likes fresh content. Static content means not putting your head above the water to signal ‘I’m here’; the result being a fall down the rankings. A regularly updated blog, however, makes your website stand up and be counted.

It can help customers to find you

Blogs should be at least 500 words long and major on the kind of thing your existing (or desired) customers are likely to search for when looking for the services you provide. Include those key phrases and topics and the result will be a more visible website when the searches are made.

It can move people around your website

A good blog isn’t only about the content, but about what you include within it. A blog should contain at least one or two links to other parts of your website, where customers can find further information. This ensures their time on your website doesn’t just end on your blog, but encourages them to look more at what you have to offer.

It’s your own platform

A blog is a great way of showing potential or existing customers more about who you are and what you do. It’s an opportunity to show off what you know and become a thought leader in the area you work in.

It gives you something to share on social media

A blog is a great thing to share on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and can be used to start a conversation with potential customers. Remember that social media is fast-moving and not everyone sees everything you post; so share your blog a few times to get the maximum number of eyes on it.

The downside…

Blogs take commitment, with new content being published every couple of weeks to have the desired effect. We know that’s not easy – after all, you have plenty of more important things to do, right? You might also struggle for ideas.

That’s where we can help. Our content-marketing specialists are blog-writing experts. As former journalists we understand what makes a good story, how to tell that story in an engaging way – and, importantly, how to promote your business while doing so. Look, we’re doing it right now! If you want to benefit from all of the above reasons why you should have a blog, then get in touch with us today.

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