Social media for a small business in motorsport

While social media is becoming ever more essential for businesses, it’s simply not effective if not used properly.

For some small businesses, especially those in the motorsport industry, social media can be hard to master. Perhaps you feel you don’t have enough to say – or maybe you do, but you don’t have enough time to say it. Whatever the reason, here are our handy tips for how small businesses can get the most out of social media:

Promote your products

If you sell physical products, either within the industry itself or to fans of the sport, then social media is a great platform on which you can show them off. You can share pictures of what you sell, retweet customer praise and showcase everything you have to offer. It’s an extremely cheap and effective way to have an online catalogue of your product range.

Announce something new

If you’re launching a new product or service then social media is a great place to announce it. With the fast-moving nature of social channels, there’s an immediacy to anything posted and that’s great for anything new or fresh. You can even tease it beforehand, building up a level of expectation or excitement ahead of your announcement.

You can go behind the scenes

Social media is a far more intimate and personal platform than your website and as such it’s a great place to lift the curtain and show more about what is happening behind the scenes. Share photos, videos or anecdotes about what is happening in your workplace to give customers more of an understanding about who you are.

You can make business connections

Social media isn’t just somewhere to find customers; you can also find business allies as well. Small businesses in motorsport are all trying to find their footing on social media and build up their follower numbers, so follow someone else and they are likely to reciprocate. You never know what services you might find someone has that you need and vice versa.

Get involved in a community

There are an increasing number of online groups forming across social media, particularly ones focused on small businesses, so take a look and see if there are any relevant to you. These can be really helpful either as a sounding board or as a place to be able to promote what you do.

Remember to be social!

One of the biggest challenges motorsport businesses face on social media is ensuring channels aren’t too promotional. Social means having conversations, reading what others are writing and engaging and posting regularly. This all takes time and effort – a popular social media channel won’t just appear overnight.

So, if this is something that you just don’t have time for then this is where we can come in. Our social media experts have worked with plenty of businesses to help them produce Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles with high and engaged follower numbers and regular conversions to their websites. If you think that we could help your small business boost your social media channels then get in touch with us today to find out more.

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